By Yolanda DeLoach


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Yolanda DeLoach’s Squatter: A raw, redemptive tale of overcoming trauma as she treks Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail, finding forgiveness and friendship.


Yolanda DeLoach

Yolanda DeLoach is an avid section hiker and outdoors advocate, having become a “1,000-miler” on the Ice Age Trail in 2021. She lives in Central Wisconsin, where she works as a palliative care/hospice registered nurse.

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Yolanda Deloach Author

One Woman’s Journery To Reclaim Her Spirit On The Ice Age Trail

“Many People use long-distance hiking – whether intentionally or subconsciously – as a way to heal. That includes Yolanda DeLoach, whose memoir about her trek along the Ice Age Trail beautifully showcases both the wonders of this National Scenic Trail and how therapeutic hiking can be.”

- Melanie Radzicki McManus

author of Thousand-Miler: Adventures Hiking the Ice Age Trail

“DeLoach is a graceful writer whose voice on the page is friendly. She is unflinching in her honesty…”

- Twin Cities Pioneer Press

“Squatter takes us along on the hike of Yolanda Deloach’s life as she faces demons and then meets angels. She shows us what trail magic is all about. A book for readers wanting proof of the healing powers of nature to be discovered within themselves and along the Ice Age Trail.”

- Patty Dreier

Past President - Ice Age Trail Alliance

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I’m emotionally not in a good place. So begins Yolanda DeLoach’s raw and redemptive Squatter, a tale of trails, trekking, and overcoming trauma. Between heartache and the realization that a relationship was never as it seemed, DeLoach pushes herself toward Wisconsin’s Historic Ice Age Trail, a place of friendship and, ultimately, forgiveness.

But the forgiving starts from within, as she makes her way, section by section, along the trail’s storied footways. Honest, heartfelt, and told with a survivor’s grace, Squatter inspires, encourages, and listens, like a good friend on a trail.

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$28.95 | January ‚Äč2024 | 288 pp | Paperback | 978-1-960329-33-2

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