Book Club Questions

What feelings did Squatter evoke for you?

Are there aspects of Yolanda’s story that you can relate to?

What did you think of Yolanda’s voice and style?

How did Squatter make you reflect on your own relationships? Childhood?

How do you feel about the idea that our childhood experiences subconsciously play a role in our adult relationships?

How does Yolanda’s experience make you think about people who continue to stay in destructive relationships?

What do you think Yolanda referred to when she said people like Mitch and people like her together make for a perfect storm?

Why do you think Yolanda needed to feel uncomfortable in order to grow?

Were you surprised by the kindness and generosity shown to Yolanda on the trail?

What role do you feel Fiona played for Yolanda?

How do you feel shame affects our lives and relationships?

At the end, Yolanda says she was played. Do you feel Mitch targeted her for a specific reason or trait that he saw in her?

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